Wedding Gift Responses: Bread Machine!

We got some feedback from the last post asking what wedding gift have you received from or given to someone. Many of the responses were very creative and even helpful. We got an email from Hailey who tells us she’s given her cousin a bread machine as a wedding gift and the couple have been finding it very useful. She didn’t want to pick something that they wouldn’t be using and feared that she would be getting something duplicate for her cousin, so she thought that a bread machine is rather unique and would be a good choice because bread is a staple.

Since we know nothing about bread machines, we’re happy to invite our friends Bread Machine Pros to introduce us to them. They’re a group of friends who have done extensive first-hand reviews on bread machines. Ironically the only reason why they did this was because they were, too, looking for a gift for a friend!

Now how do you know which one makes good bread? Well to begin there are only a few brands on the market that are super reliable. For wedding gift giving purposes, we recommend choosing a reliable brand instead of something you can pick up from Walmart. Something like Panasonic, Zojirushi, or Breville would be perfect.

Bread Machine Pros say that it’s easy to get caught up in all the programs and features of a bread machine, but really all you want to look for in one is that it will bake bread properly and has specific features that you must have. So if you are buying a bread machine for someone who eats gluten-free bread only, make sure the machine is able to handle gluten-free dough. You should be able to find a bread machine that has the gluten-free program already programmed into the machine.

There’s definitely a difference between the quality of bread a machine makes, according to Bread Machine Pros. Some are fluffier on the inside than others. To make sure your bread turns out good, it’s important to add the ingredients in the order the machine’s recipe books indicate. Today, bread machines come with very easy to follow instructions so even if you’re getting this wedding gift for someone who doesn’t normally cook, they will be able to make bread without a problem.

Hailey says that the wedding gift idea turned out better than she expected. Her cousin makes more than just bread because bread machines can make dough, pasta, cookies, and more. So she’s really happy she got her cousin a bread machine as a wedding gift. The feature her cousin boasts about the most is the timer. She’s able to set the timer to start baking whenever she wants, so she usually sets it at night to let the machine bake bread in the morning. Then when her family wakes up, they have fresh bread for breakfast.

P.S. We really appreciate all the comments we’ve received about wedding gift ideas. Keep them coming! If you happen to be looking for a gift for someone, La Promesse has great gift guides and catalogs that we can provide you. You can visit the store to pick these up or send us an email for more information on how to get them.



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